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A Better Bag

Sara looked at her old red bag, frowning. It was torn and dirty.

Sara unhappy with her old, worn-out bag at home.

She dreamed of a new bag, one with bright colors and lots of pockets.

Sara daydreaming about her ideal bag.

Her friend Alex had a green bag. It was sturdy and had a special pocket for treasures.

Sara envying Alex's green, pocketed bag.

Sara saved her allowance, imagining all the adventures she would have with a new bag.

Sara saving money, anticipating new adventures.

After weeks, Sara had enough money. She told her mom she was ready to buy a better bag.

Sara, having saved enough, tells her mom about her plan.

They went to the store together. Sara saw bags of blue, pink, and purple, but not the right one.

Sara and her mom shop, but can't find the perfect bag.

Then, at the corner, she spotted it. The bag was mostly red with blue stripes and yellow stars.

Sara discovers a bag that catches her eye.

It was perfect. It even had a hidden pocket inside. 'This is the one!' she exclaimed.

Sara finds a bag she loves that has secret features.

Her mom smiled, happy to see Sara's joy. They bought the bag and went home.

Sara's mom is glad to see Sara happy with her purchase.

Sara transferred her things into the new bag. It felt good to have a place for everything.

Sara organizes her belongings in her new bag.

The next day, Sara wore her new bag to school. Alex noticed, 'Cool bag, Sara!'

Alex compliments Sara on her new bag at school.

At recess, Sara opened the hidden pocket. Inside, she kept a photo of her and Alex.

Sara uses the secret pocket for special keepsakes.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Sara felt when she couldn't find the right bag, and why is it important to be patient?
  • How did saving her allowance contribute to Sara's appreciation of her new bag?
  • Why was it meaningful for Sara to keep a photo of her and Alex in the hidden pocket?

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