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Open Positions

Thank you for considering a career at Storybooks! We're looking for individuals who are passionate about helping enrich and inspire the next generation of young minds. If you're interested in one of our open positions, send your resume to and we'll get in touch!

Director of Marketing & Branding

We're seeking an experienced Director of Marketing & Branding to lead our diverse marketing initiatives. The role demands expertise in social media, event promotion, and branding strategy. As a director, you'll define our brand's direction, spearhead innovative campaigns, and oversee the broader marketing strategy to position us at the forefront of our industry. Proven leadership and a strategic mindset are essential. Join us in shaping and amplifying our brand's voice.

Digital Librarian

Seeking a passionate librarian to curate and manage our expanding digital library. In this role, you'll select and organize high-quality stories, ensuring they are freely accessible to children globally. The ideal candidate combines a deep appreciation for storytelling with expertise in digital curation. Your efforts will be instrumental in our mission to promote literacy and bring enriching tales to young readers everywhere. Join us in making world-class stories universally available.

Curriculum Designer

We are in search of a visionary who can meld evidence-based methodologies with first principles thinking to sculpt a transformative reading program for budding readers. If you're someone who not only understands the bedrock of reading science but can also challenge age-old assumptions and craft inventive, effective pathways to literacy, then we've been waiting for you. Your mission? To shape a program that not only teaches kids to read but inspires them to fall in love with every word. Bring your creativity, challenge the norm, and let's redefine reading education together.

Community Partner

We're seeking an enthusiastic soul who thrives in both digital and physical realms, bridging connections and sparking meaningful engagements. If the heartbeats of Tulsa's communities resonate with you, and you're driven to make a lasting, positive imprint in our beloved Oklahoma hometown, you're the beacon we're searching for. Your mission is twofold: to magnify our online presence while being the face and voice of Storybooks in Tulsa.

Our Values

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Fun comes first

Life is better when we're having fun. We focus on bringing out the fun in everything we do.

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Celebrate uniqueness

Every person is unqiue in their own way. We celebrate and highlight uniqueness wherever we can.

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Storytelling is teaching

We believe that storytelling can enrich and inspire others. We encourage everyone to share their voice.

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Aim for the stars

Dream big and take chances. We believe anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

Ready to make a difference? Send your resume to!