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Personalized, adaptive reading activities to help your child develop foundational reading skills and become a lifelong reader.

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Develop reading skills, creativity, and confidence

Get daily personalized reading activities that adapt to your child's skills and interests.

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Take a short assessment

Have your child take a free, 15 minute online assessment so we can build an indivdualized learning plan just for them.

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Add your child's interests

Whether it's dinosaurs and space or unicorns and soccer, we believe in the power of personalizion and tailor every story to your child's unique interests.

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Develop reading skills

Based on your child's interests and reading level, we'll create personalized reading materials every day that target specific skills and evolve based on progress.

Set your child up for lifelong success

Develop your child's literacy and social-emotional intelligence through stories that educate and inspire.

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Captivate your child with stories made just for them

We create every story based on your child's interests and reading level. Every day, there will be new stories for them to read that target specific skills such as phonics or reading comprehension.

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Learn English or a 2nd language

Personalized stories are more engaging, making it easier for your child to develop valuable skills. We support over 100 different languages, as well as bilingual stories.

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Read online or print at home

Every story can be read online or printed at home, bridging the gap between traditional and digital learning.

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Create personalized characters

Bring your favorite toys or pets into your story adventures! With just a few pictures, we'll digitize your character so they can join the storytime fun.

Meet your "principal"

Explore some of our learning modules

Literacy is the foundation for learning across subjects.

Without strong literacy skills, students will not have equitable access to higher education institutions to further their education and career options will be limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What reading level does my child need to be at?

We break our program down into 3 reading categories: Beginning Readers, Early Readers, and Advanced Readers. Within each category, we focus on evidence-based skills such as sight words, phonics, reading comprehension, and more. Your child will be assigned appropriate materials based on their assessment and progress.

What age is best suited for Story School?

We typically work with students between Kindergarden and 4th Grade (roughly ages 5 - 11).

How much does Story School cost?

Story School is $12.99 / month, with discounts available for semester or annual plans. There are no other costs or fees. This includes access to Storybooks at home, a personalized learning plan, daily reading materials, and progress reports.

What does the first day of Story School look like?

After you add your child's interests and take a reading assessment, we'll generate your first reading materials.

Which languages do you support?

We create reading materials in over 100 languages, and support bilingual stories as well.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

If you don't love Story School after your first month, we'll give your money back. Also, for our monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time and you'll still have access to new reading materials until the end of the billing period.

Inspire a love for reading and learning.

Start your child on an exciting journey towards literacy, confidence, and social-emotional intelligence.