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A Busy Day with Small Kids

Today, the small kids woke up and brushed their teeth.

Children brushing teeth, with blue toothbrush and white foamy toothpaste.

After that, they had a yummy breakfast with milk and cereal.

Kids enjoying breakfast with smiley faces, colorful bowls and spoons.

Then, they went to school and learned many new things.

Children sitting in a classroom, holding pencils and books.

During recess, they played games with their friends.

Kids playing with a ball and giggling, wearing colorful clothes.

In the afternoon, they had a healthy lunch with fruits and vegetables.

Children eating a balanced meal with a rainbow of fruits and veggies.

After school, they went to the park and played on the swings.

Kids swinging happily, wearing hats and holding onto the chains.

When it started getting dark, they went home for dinner.

Children sitting at a dinner table, enjoying a warm meal together.

Finally, they got ready for bed and fell asleep, dreaming sweet dreams.

Kids in pajamas, lying in bed with teddy bears and cozy blankets.

Reflection Questions

  • Did the small kids have a healthy lunch?
  • What did the small kids do at recess?
  • Why is brushing teeth important?

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