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A City Under the Sea

Once upon a time, there was a city called Atlantis that was hidden under the sea. The people of Atlantis built a colony down below, where they lived happily. Their houses were made of colorful coral and the streets were lit up by glowing fish. It was an amazing sight to see.

An underwater city with glowing fish and colorful coral houses.

In Atlantis, the children went to a special school where they learned about the creatures that lived in the ocean. They would go on field trips to see the colorful fish swimming by and the magnificent coral reefs. The children loved exploring their underwater world.

Children attending an underwater school and exploring the ocean.

The people of Atlantis were very eco-friendly. They used the ocean currents to generate electricity, and they recycled everything they could. They took care of the ocean and all the creatures that lived in it.

People of Atlantis being eco-friendly and taking care of the ocean.

One day, a big storm hit Atlantis. The waves crashed against the city and caused a lot of damage. The people had to work together to repair their homes and make sure everyone was safe.

Atlantis people working together to repair their homes after a storm.

After the storm, the people of Atlantis decided to build a wall around their city to protect it from future storms. They all pitched in and worked hard to build the wall. It took a long time, but they finally finished it.

People of Atlantis building a protective wall around their city.

The wall kept the city safe from storms, and the people of Atlantis continued to live happily in their underwater world. They always looked out for each other and made sure their city thrived.

Atlantis city protected by a wall and people living happily.

The end.

End of the story.

Reflection Questions

  • What was the name of the city under the sea?
  • Why did the people of Atlantis build a wall?
  • What did the children of Atlantis like to do?

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