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A Day at Sufficiency Economy School

It was a bright Monday morning, and Nok was heading to a very special school, the Sufficiency Economy School. She walked with a spring in her step, excited for the day ahead.

Bright, curious girl, brown skin, dark brown eyes starts her day, walking to the unique school.

As she arrived, she greeted her friends, Tao and Mali. Together, they tended to the school garden, full of vegetables and herbs.

Bright, curious girl, brown skin, dark brown eyes meets friends and works in the school garden.

Their first class was about growing rice. Mr. Somchai taught them how to plant rice seeds in the paddy field.

Rice planting lesson with their teacher Wise, patient teacher, tan skin, dark eyes.

Next, they learned about composting. Mrs. Pranee showed them how to turn food scraps into rich soil.

Composting class with Enthusiastic, resourceful teacher, olive skin, green eyes.

In art class, they used recycled materials to make colorful decorations for their classroom.

Recycling in art class.

Lunchtime was Nok's favorite. The meal was cooked with ingredients from their own garden.

Enjoying a garden-fresh lunch.

After lunch, they cared for the school chickens. Nok learned that the chickens helped by eating pests.

Caring for chickens, learning about pest control.

Then, it was time for water conservation class. They discussed saving water at home and at school.

Learning about water conservation.

Their last class was a group discussion on how to apply sufficiency economy at home. Everyone shared ideas.

Group discussion on practical application.

At the end of the day, Nok realized how each lesson helped her live a more balanced and happy life.

Bright, curious girl, brown skin, dark brown eyes reflects on her day and lessons.

On her way home, she thought of her new project. She would start a small herb garden on her balcony.

Bright, curious girl, brown skin, dark brown eyes plans a personal project from the day's inspiration.

Nok shared her day's experience with her family, hopeful to inspire them with all she had learned.

Bright, curious girl, brown skin, dark brown eyes shares her school experiences with family.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think caring for the school garden made Nok and her friends feel?
  • Why is it important to learn about composting and recycling?
  • What can you do in your own home to follow the principles of a sufficiency economy?

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