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A Day at the Beach

Zaya and her family go to the beach. They build sandcastles and collect seashells.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, curious and playful, family, beach, sandcastles, seashells

Zaya finds a starfish. She carefully picks it up and observes its texture and patterns.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, curious and playful, starfish, observation, beach

She gently places the starfish back into the water, watching it slowly crawl away.

Starfish, water, observation, gentle

Zaya and her brother chase seagulls, laughing and running along the shoreline.

Brown hair, hazel eyes, curious and playful, brother, seagulls, laughter, shoreline

They enjoy a picnic under a big umbrella, sharing sandwiches and fruit with their parents.

Picnic, umbrella, sandwiches, fruit, family

Zaya feels the warm sun on her skin as she splashes in the shallow water.

Sun, skin, splashing, shallow water

She builds a drip sandcastle, pouring water to create towers and moats.

Sandcastle, water, towers, moats

As the day ends, Zaya watches the sunset, the colors reflecting on the calm ocean.

Sunset, reflections, calm ocean

Reflection Questions

  • How did Zaya feel when she found the starfish? Why do you think she felt that way?
  • What do you think Zaya learned from observing the starfish and returning it to the water?
  • Imagine yourself at the beach like Zaya. How would you spend your day there?

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