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A Day in the Life of Matryoshka

Meet Matryoshka, a Russian nesting doll.

Matryoshka doll with a smiling face and colorful dress

Matryoshka wakes up in her cozy home.

Matryoshka doll stretching in her bed

She is excited for a day full of adventures.

Matryoshka doll looking through a window with excitement

Matryoshka meets her friends at the park.

Matryoshka doll playing with other dolls on a swing

They have a picnic under a big shady tree.

Matryoshka doll and friends enjoying food on a picnic blanket

After the picnic, Matryoshka goes fishing in a pond.

Matryoshka doll with a fishing rod and a happy fish

She catches a fish and releases it back into the water.

Matryoshka doll letting go of a fish into the pond

In the evening, Matryoshka goes to a dance party.

Matryoshka doll dancing with other dolls in a decorated hall

They dance and have a lot of fun together.

Matryoshka doll spinning and laughing with friends

Finally, Matryoshka goes back to her home and falls asleep.

Matryoshka doll sleeping peacefully in her bed

Reflection Questions

  • How did Matryoshka start her day?
  • What did Matryoshka do with her friends?
  • What did Matryoshka do at the dance party?

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