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A Grateful Garden

Jen waters the garden. Sunflowers grow tall.

Pretend to water plants like Jen.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, green overalls in the garden watering sunflowers on a sunny day.

Rob helps pick ripe tomatoes. Red, juicy, and sweet.

Pretend to pick and eat yummy tomatoes.

Red hair, brown eyes, plaid shirt picking red tomatoes from the vine.

Lily shares her apples. Big, crunchy, and delicious.

Pretend to share and eat apples together.

Brunette hair, hazel eyes, pink dress sharing her apples with friends under a shady tree.

Ben rakes leaves. He collects them in a big pile.

Pretend to rake and jump into leaf piles.

Black hair, brown eyes, blue jacket raking autumn leaves into a big pile in the yard.

Amanda thanks her friends with warm hugs and smiles.

Give a friend a big warm hug.

Curly hair, brown eyes, purple sweater giving warm hugs and smiles to her friends.

The children sit together. They feel happy and thankful.

Smile and say thank you to someone near you.

Children sitting together, smiling and feeling happy.

They watch the sunset and feel grateful for the day.

Close your eyes and imagine a beautiful sunset.

Children watching the sunset, feeling grateful.

As the stars come out, they make a grateful wish.

Make a wish upon an imaginary star.

Children looking at stars, making a wish.

They go to bed feeling thankful and happy.

Cuddle up and feel thankful before bedtime.

Children tucked in bed, feeling happy and thankful.

They dream of more happy and grateful days to come.

Close your eyes and imagine a happy dream.

Children dreaming of happy and grateful days.

The end.

Give a big smile to end the story.

The conclusion of the story.

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