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A New Friend in the Enchanted Forest

Deep in the heart of the Enchanted Forest, Snow White found a cozy cottage after fleeing from her stepmother, the wicked queen. Before her stood seven friendly dwarfs, each with a unique hat.

Snow White meets the dwarfs at their cottage in the forest.

Snow White woke up to the smell of breakfast. Dopey was flipping pancakes, while Grumpy grumbled about the early hour. The dwarfs had welcomed her with open arms.

Breakfast with the dwarfs; Dopey cooks and Grumpy complains.

Each dwarf showed Snow White their special job in the diamond mines. Bashful blushed while showing his favorite gems, and Doc explained the mining process in detail.

Snow White learns about the dwarfs' mining work.

The dwarfs danced and sang with Snow White in the evening. They laughed and shared stories, making her feel right at home amidst her worries.

An evening of joy with music and dancing.

One day, while the dwarfs were at work, a disguised wicked queen offered Snow White a poisoned apple. Snow White collapsed, and the forest fell silent.

The queen tricks Snow White with a poisoned apple.

The dwarfs rushed home to find Snow White lifeless. Tears filled their eyes as they gathered around her, each feeling a deep sense of loss and longing.

The dwarfs grieve over Snow White.

A prince, hearing tales of Snow White's kindness, came to pay his respects. His kiss, filled with pure love, broke the curse, reviving Snow White to the dwarfs' joy.

The prince's kiss breaks the spell, reviving Snow White.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Snow White felt finding a new home with the dwarfs?
  • Can you describe a time when a friend helped you feel better, just like the dwarfs did for Snow White?
  • How would you help someone who felt alone or scared, like Snow White did in the forest?

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