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A Picnic with Friends

Patito and conejo set up a picnic by the pond.

Characters include Yellow duckling with bright blue eyes, White rabbit with chocolate eyes, and the pond. Setting is a sunny day.

Pato and tortuga join with tasty snacks in their basket.

Pato, Brown turtle with gentle black eyes, and their basket of snacks appear near the pond.

Mariposa flutters around, adding colors to the picnic.

Mariposa adds vibrant colors to the picnic scene.

Everyone chatters and feasts, creating a joyful atmosphere.

All characters converse and enjoy a festive picnic.

The sun sets, and they bid farewell, promising to meet again. The end.

The story's conclusion as the characters depart, depicting a sunset.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Patito felt when everyone joined the picnic?
  • What could the characters do to make the next picnic even more special?
  • Why is it important to spend time with friends like Patito, conejo, pato, tortuga, and mariposa?

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