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A Relaxing Life at the Seaside

At the seaside, the older sister is taking a break, while the younger one is enjoying the view of the ocean.

Older sister resting, Excited younger sister wearing a sun hat looking at ocean

They used to live in the city but decided to move to the countryside near the sea. Their house is big and close to their children, giving a warm feeling.

Big house in the countryside, close to girlren

They chose this village as the safest and happiest place, wanting to live a relaxed life with nature after the hustle and bustle of the city.

Village with happy and safe feeling

While traveling by car, they found this place with peers, adults, and elderly people. Some are fishermen selling their catch, while others grow fresh vegetables and sell them online.

People selling fish and vegetables in the village

Anyone who reads this story and sees the pictures will feel as if they've been on a trip and can vicariously experience such a life.

Readers feeling like they're on a trip

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