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A School of Friends Under the Sea

One sunny morning, Finley the fish woke up excited. Today, he would count his friends in the ocean.

A cheerful orange fish with big eyes and a playful smile wakes up under the sea, surrounded by sunlight and seaweed.

Finley swam out of his cozy coral cave and found Ellie, the bright yellow fish, playing in the bubbles.

a yellow fish with a big smile, playing in the bubbles, no other fish.

After saying hello to Ellie, Finley spotted two blue fish. Theo and Cleo were spinning in the water.

two blue fish with large eyes spinning under water near seaweed

Near a shipwreck, three green fish appeared! They were Ziggy, Taggy, and Miggy, telling jokes.

three medium green fish with large silly smiles under the water near a sea cave

As he swam further, Finley found four red fish. They were quietly reading storybooks under a seashell.

Four red fish engrossed in books shaded by a giant seashell.

Further on, in the colorful reef, Finley saw five purple fish. They danced in a circle, bubbles everywhere!

Five purple fish dance joyously amongst the vibrant coral reefs.

Finley laughed and joined the dance. The sea was full of friends: one, two, three, four, five!

A cheerful orange fish with big eyes and a playful smile joins the fun with his friends, in the bursting underwater landscape.

After dancing, Finley and his friends played hide and seek among the rainbow corals and bright sea plants.

A cheerful orange fish with big eyes and a playful smile and friends play games, surrounded by the myriad colors of coral.

Ellie was the best at finding everyone. 'You're good at this,' said Finley. Ellie smiled brightly.

A bright yellow fish who is bubbly and full of joy excels at hide and seek, finding all the friends with ease.

As the day turned to dusk, the fish gathered to listen to Finley's stories of the day's adventure.

The day ends with A cheerful orange fish with big eyes and a playful smile recounting their adventures as the sea darkens.

Tired after a long day of play, they watched the stars appear above the gentle waves.

The friends reflect on the day beneath the star-speckled ocean surface.

With a final yawn, Finley and his friends wished each other good night, eager for tomorrow's adventures.

Sleepy from the day, the fish friends say good night, with dreams of tomorrow.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Finley felt when he met each of his friends?
  • What can we learn from Ellie about being good at games?
  • Why is it important for Finley and his friends to share stories and play together?

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