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A Trip to the Zoo

Today, Sarah and her family went to the zoo!

Sarah and her family at the zoo

They saw a big elephant with a long trunk.

Elephant with a long trunk

Next, they saw a tall giraffe with a long neck.

Giraffe with a long neck

Then, they saw a speedy cheetah with spots.

Cheetah with spots

In another area, they saw a funny monkey with a long tail.

Monkey with a long tail

Sarah's favorite was the colorful parrot with beautiful feathers.

Parrot with colorful feathers

Next, they saw a sneaky tiger with sharp claws.

Tiger with sharp claws

Then, they saw a sleepy lion with a big mane.

Lion with a big mane

In the aquarium, they saw a cute penguin with a waddling walk.

Penguin with a waddling walk

Finally, they saw a long snake with a slithering body.

Snake with a slithering body

Reflection Questions

  • Which animal had a long trunk?
  • Which animal had colorful feathers?
  • Which animal had sharp claws?

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