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ABC Safari Adventure

A is for alligator, with big teeth so sharp. He lives in the swamp, where it's always dark.

The letter A is shown with a picture of an green skin, sharp teeth in a swamp, surrounded by trees and plants.

B is for bear, with fur so brown. He loves to climb trees and roam around.

The letter B is shown with a picture of a brown fur, big and strong in a forest, standing next to a tall tree.

C is for cat, so soft and small. She purrs and meows, and loves to play with a ball.

The letter C is shown with a picture of a soft fur, small and playful in a cozy living room, playing with a ball of yarn.

D is for dolphin, swimming in the sea. Jumping and flipping, so happy and free.

The letter D is shown with a picture of a gray skin, sleek and graceful in the ocean, leaping out of the water.

E is for elephant, with a trunk so long. He uses it to drink and eat, and sometimes sing a song.

The letter E is shown with a picture of an gray skin, big ears in the savannah, using its trunk to grab leaves from a tree.

Reflection Questions

  • What sound does an alligator make?
  • Can you think of another animal that lives in the forest?
  • How do you think a dolphin feels when it jumps out of the water?

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