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Adrijana and the Gingerbread Girl

Princess Adrijana woke up in her magical castle and saw the snowy landscape outside. She spotted a gingerbread girl playing in the snow.

Adrijana is in her cozy room with big windows showing the snowy landscape. The gingerbread girl is outside, surrounded by snowflakes and giggling.

Adrijana ran outside to say hello to the gingerbread girl. The gingerbread girl asked Adrijana if she knew where Santa lived and they decided to go find him together.

Adrijana and the gingerbread girl are walking hand in hand through the snowy fields, with big smiles on their faces.

After a long walk, they found the North Pole and Santa's house. The gingerbread girl was very happy and asked Adrijana to introduce her to Santa.

Adrijana and the gingerbread girl are standing in front of a colorful house with Santa peeking through the window, waving.

Santa was happy to meet Adrijana and the gingerbread girl. He invited them in for a hot chocolate, and they all had a jolly good time.

Adrijana, the gingerbread girl, and Santa are sitting around a cozy fireplace, laughing and sipping hot chocolate.

After a fun day with her new friends, Adrijana returned to her castle, feeling grateful for the new friendship she made.

Adrijana is waving goodbye to Santa and the gingerbread girl while walking back to her castle under the snowy sky.

The end

Adrijana is tucked in her bed, hugging her favorite teddy bear and smiling as she falls asleep.

Reflection Questions

  • What did Adrijana see outside her window when she woke up?
  • Who did Adrijana meet in the snow?
  • Where did Adrijana, the gingerbread girl, and Santa have hot chocolate?

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