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Adventures with the ABCs

A is for apple, juicy and red, B is for bear, with fur so spread. C is for cat, soft and sweet, D is for dog, wagging its feet. E is for elephant, big and gray, F is for frog, hopping away!

Page 1: A red Red and tiny and a brown Brown and furry. 
Page 2: An orange Soft and fluffy and a brown Brown and playful.
Page 3: A gray Gray and big and a green Green and jumpy.

G is for giraffe, tall and grand, H is for hippo, in the water she stands. I is for iguana, covered in spots, J is for jellyfish, flowing in knots. K is for kangaroo, hopping at play, L is for lion, roaring all day!

Page 4: A yellow Yellow and tall and a gray Gray and chubby.
Page 5: A green Green with spots and a purple Purple and flowing.
Page 6: A brown Brown and hopping and a golden Golden and fierce.

M is for monkey, swinging up high, N is for narwhal, with a horn that's so sly. O is for owl, hooting at night, P is for penguin, waddling just right. Q is for quail, flying so free, R is for rabbit, hopping with glee!

Page 7: A brown Brown and mischievous and a blue Blue with a horn.
Page 8: A brown Brown and wise and a black-and-white Black and white.
Page 9: A gray Gray and small and a brown Brown and fast.

S is for snake, slithering along, T is for tiger, strong and so strong. U is for unicorn, magical and bright, V is for vulture, soaring in flight. W is for whale, swimming in the sea, X is for xylophone, music so free!

Page 10: A green Green and slithery and an orange Orange and strong.
Page 11: A pink Pink and magical and a black Black and soaring.
Page 12: A blue Blue and enormous and a rainbow Rainbow-colored and musical.

Y is for yak, with fur so furry, Z is for zebra, black and white, in a hurry. That's the end of the alphabet, we've reached Z, Learning with ABCs is so easy, you see!

Page 13: A brown Brown and furry and a black-and-white Black and white.

Reflection Questions

  • What animal was on page 2?
  • What color is the elephant?
  • What letter comes after 'H'?

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