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Alexis and the Nighttime Quest

Spring break was nearly over in the small town of Clewiston. Alexis lay in his bed, staring at the ceiling. 'I'm not ready for school!' he whispered to the shadows.

Alexis in his room, dreading the end of spring break.

As the moon shone brightly through his window, a daring thought crossed his mind. 'One last adventure!' he said, smiling at the thrill of it.

boy running down the street

He reached out to the night and called for his secret friend, a dragon with scales that gleamed like stars. Only Alexis could see this magical creature.

Alexis calling his invisible dragon friend.

In an instant, they were soaring over Clewiston, the cool night air whooshing around them. Alexis felt alive and free, far from the worries of the classroom.

Flying over Clewiston, feeling freedom before school.

Suddenly, below them, dark figures crept near the town bank. 'Are they stealing?' Alexis whispered, frowning at the scene.

criminals robbing a bank

Without hesitation, Alexis and his dragon dove through the darkness. 'We must stop them!' he declared with a brave heart.

boy riding his dragon

With a roar from the dragon that shattered the silence, the criminals were startled, dropping their loot. Alexis told them I do not allow that in my city

His dragon scaring the criminals, disrupting the heist.

The dragon's fiery breath lit up the night sky like fireworks. The thieves ran away, leaving behind the money they had tried to take.

Dragon's fire scares away the thieves, securing the bank.

As the adventure came to a close, Alexis knew it was time to return. 'Let's go home, friend,' he said, and they flew back under the cover of night.

Adventure ends, heading home before dawn.

Sneaking back into his room just as the world began to stir, Alexis was filled with a quiet triumph. Nobody would know of the heroics that night.

Returning home secretly after being the unknown hero.

Full of courage from his adventure, he got ready for school 'I can face anything,' he thought. And he hoped his dragon was somewhere safe sleeping quietly.

Getting ready for school with newfound bravery.

Alexis stepped into the sunlight, ready for another day at school. No one would know about his dragons and daring. his heart was still soaring — just like last night.

happy teenage boy

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Alexis felt about returning to school before his adventure, and how did his feelings change afterwards?
  • Why do you think Alexis didn't tell anyone about stopping the criminals with his dragon?
  • What can you learn from Alexis's actions when he decided to help even when it was difficult?

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