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Alexis and the Shadow Sneaks

Once upon a time, in the small town of Sunnyside, a young boy named Alexis lived happy and carefree. But one night, strange shadows crept through the streets.

Introduction of Alexis and the mysterious shadows in Sunnyside town.

These weren't ordinary shadows; they moved with purpose, creeping into houses and leaving trails of gloom. People woke up feeling sad and scared.

Shadows causing fear and gloom in town.

Alexis noticed the change and decided to watch the shadows. Hiding behind a bush, he saw them slink around the corner, heading toward Mr. Elton's bakery.

Alexis chooses to observe the strange shadows.

He followed quietly, his heart thumping. As he peeked inside, the shadows were swallowing the warm, golden light of the bakery.

Alexis follows the shadows to the bakery.

Alexis remembered an old story his grandma told him about the Shadow Sneaks, evil forces that fed on happiness. He knew he had to act.

Discovery of the Shadow Sneaks, based on an old tale.

The next day, Alexis went to the library. He read books about light and shadows and found out they were afraid of bright, pure light.

Alexis searches for a solution in the library.

With a plan in mind, Alexis gathered all the candles, flashlights, and lanterns he could find. He knew what he had to do.

Preparation to confront the Shadow Sneaks with light.

That night, he set up his light traps around Sunnyside. He hid and waited for the sneaky shadows to appear.

Setting up light traps for the shadows.

Like clockwork, the shadows emerged, but this time they were surprised. As they hit the light, they vanished with a hiss!

Trapping and vanquishing the shadows with light.

One by one, the lights scared all the shadows away. The town of Sunnyside was living up to its name once again.

Defeating the shadows, town returning to normal.

The people woke up feeling brighter and happier. Alexis became a little hero, though he preferred to stay a mystery to the town.

The town’s recovery and Alexis's secret hero status.

From then on, anytime darkness crept into Sunnyside, Alexis was ready, for he was the light keeper, the quiet guardian of joy.

Alexis's ongoing commitment as the town's protector.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think the people in Sunnyside felt when the shadows came? Can you describe how it might feel to wake up scared?
  • What qualities do you think Alexis showed by deciding to fight the Shadow Sneaks? Do you think bravery is important?
  • Imagine you were Alexis, keeping your hero deeds a secret. How would that make you feel, and why would you choose to stay a mystery?

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