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Alexis and the Village Guardians

In a peaceful village surrounded by mountains, there lived a brave young boy named Alexis. He trained hard every day to be a samurai.

Introducing Alexis, a trainee samurai in a mountain village.

Alexis wore a little blue kimono and carried a wooden sword. He was not a full samurai yet, but he was brave and strong.

Alexis is a boy and he wore a suit of armourtroducing Alexis, a trainee samurai in a mountain village.

One sunny day, Alexis was practicing his sword moves near the bamboo forest when he heard a cry for help.

Alexis a boy in armour with a weapon

Running towards the sound, he found a villager cornered by a bad guy. Alexis knew he had to act.

Encounter with a villager and a bad guy.

With a loud yell, Alexis jumped in front of the bad guy, swinging his wooden sword with precision.

a boy with a sword fighting

The bad guy, surprised by the courageous boy, stumbled backward, tripping over a rock.

Frightening the bad guy with bravery.

Alexis helped the villager stand up and together, they walked back towards the village square.

a samurai

The chief of the village heard of Alexis's bravery and called him to the village hall.

Ia samurai bowing before an official

Praising Alexis, the chief said, 'You protected our people. You have the heart of a samurai.'

Chief praising Alexis's bravery.

From that day on, Alexis became known as the brave protector of the village. He trained even harder.

Honoring Alexis as the village protector.

The villagers would smile at him and the kids wanted to learn from him, to be brave like Alexis.

Villagers' respect and children's admiration for Alexis.

Alexis proved that even though he was young, he had the courage and spirit of a great samurai.

A samurai in full armour

Reflection Questions

  • When Alexis heard the cry for help, what did he do? Was it the right thing to help? Why do you think so?
  • Alexis could have waited for an adult to handle the bad guy. Would it have been better if he had done that? Why or why not?
  • How do you think Alexis felt when he was praised by the chief? Have you ever done something brave that made you feel proud?

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