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Ali's Adventure to Healthy Habits

Once upon a time, in a small town called Greenfield, there lived a boy named Ali. Ali was a very smart 9-year-old boy, but he had a bad habit of spending too much time on his tablet. He loved playing games and watching videos, but his parents worried that it was harming his eyes and concentration abilities.

An illustration of Ali sitting on a chair with a tablet in his hand, while his parents are looking concerned and holding a pair of glasses and a plate of vegetables.

Ali had another passion besides his tablet. He loved playing football and dreamed of becoming a great goalkeeper. He also played chess very well and often beat his father, Hassan, in their chess matches.

An illustration of Ali playing football in a green field with his friends, while his father attempts to make a move in chess and looks surprised.

But Ali had one big problem. He didn't have three proper meals a day. He always forgot his sandwich in his lunchbox, didn't take a healthy breakfast before school, and his lunch was always tiny. This made his mother, Layla, very sad.

An illustration of Ali's lunchbox with a sad face, while Wears a hijab looks concerned and holds a bowl of fruits and vegetables.

Ali didn't like to eat vegetables or other meals his mother cooked. He would stick to unhealthy snacks and desserts instead. His friends, Salah, Yahya, and Mohammad, would often bring delicious and unhealthy treats to share at school.

An illustration of Salah, Yahya, and Mohammad - diverse group of friends, playful and mischievous eating unhealthy snacks, while Ali's mother tries to feed him vegetables, and Ali looks reluctant.

One day, Ali's family decided to have a family meeting to talk about their concerns. Ali's father, Hassan, talked about how spending too much time on screens can harm our eyes and affect our ability to concentrate. Ali realized that his father wore prescription glasses because of too much screen time.

An illustration of Ali's family sitting around a table, Overweight, no beard, wears prescription eyeglasses showing his prescription glasses, and Ali looking surprised.

Ali's mother, Layla, expressed her sadness about Ali not eating healthy food. She explained how eating healthy meals can give us energy and make us stronger. Ali's sister, Nour, shared her experience of eating healthy and how it helped her in her studies and sports.

An illustration of Wears a hijab serving a delicious and healthy meal, while 13-year-old, black hair, brown eyes, energetic and athletic holds a trophy and Ali looks curious.

After hearing his family's concerns and stories, Ali decided to make a change. He promised himself that he would limit his screen time and eat healthier meals. With his family's support, Ali started eating proper breakfasts and lunches. He even started trying different vegetables and found out that he liked some of them!

An illustration of Ali eating a nutritious breakfast with his family, smiling and holding a plate of fruits and vegetables.

As Ali started eating healthier and reducing his screen time, he noticed some exciting changes. His concentration abilities improved, and he found himself performing better in football and chess. Ali's father, Hassan, was amazed at how Ali's goalkeeping skills improved, and Layla was delighted to see Ali finishing a full plate of nutritious food.

An illustration of Ali playing football and blocking a goal, while Overweight, no beard, wears prescription eyeglasses looks proud and Wears a hijab is clapping with joy.

To reward Ali for his great efforts and healthy habits, his family decided to organize a special family trip to a football championship. They also bought Ali a chess set to encourage his passion for the game. Ali was overjoyed and promised to continue practicing good habits.

An illustration of Ali's family smiling and preparing for a trip, while Ali holds a trophy and a chess set.

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