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Alien Adventure: Exploring Earth's Wonders

Once upon a time, in a distant galaxy, there was a curious alien named Zork. He decided to visit Earth to see if it could be a new home. Landing in Egypt, Zork met Spinoza, a wise old traveler who taught Zork about the benefits of living in the moment.

Egypt, meeting Wise and aged, with kind, twinkling eyes the wise old traveler

Continuing his journey, Zork traveled to India and encountered Martin, a gentle soul who spoke of the importance of positivity and self-development. Zork was fascinated by Martin's wisdom.

India, meeting Calm and positive, with warm brown eyes the gentle soul

In his exploration, Zork arrived at the Great Wall of China where he encountered Marie, a creative and curious artist. She shared her passion for creativity and curiosity, inspiring Zork with her insights.

The Great Wall of China, meeting Creative and curious, with bright, sparkly eyes the creative artist

Next, Zork journeyed to Italy and met Dale, a skilled communicator who emphasized the values of empathy and communication. Zork was touched by Dale's teachings.

colosseum, meeting Wise and aged, with kind, twinkling eyes the wise old traveler

Zork then traveled to Brazil and met Mark, a thoughtful guide who taught him about the importance of self-worth and choosing what to give attention to. Zork found Mark's principles enlightening.

rio de janeiro, meeting Wise and aged, with kind, twinkling eyes the wise old traveler

Continuing his adventure, Zork arrived in Australia, where he met David, a determined and active individual. David shared his lessons on perseverance, self-discipline, and motivation with Zork, leaving him inspired.

Australia, meeting Active and determined, with bright, energetic eyes the determined individual

Finally, Zork made his way to the United States and met Robert, a successful human who had mastered all the previous teachings and added a touch of healthy ambition. Robert shared the joy of success and achievement with Zork.

United States, meeting Successful and ambitious, with confident, focused eyes the successful human

Reflection Questions

  • How did Zork feel after meeting Spinoza, the wise old traveler? How did it impact his perception of Earth?
  • Which character's lesson do you think Zork found most valuable? Why?
  • If Zork were to share his adventure with someone, what wisdom from the 7 wonders would he emphasize the most, and why?

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