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All Animals are Saved Forest

Once upon a time, there was a magical forest.

A beautiful forest with colorful trees and flowers

In this forest, there were many different animals.

A A golden lion with a majestic mane and kind eyes., a A playful monkey with a mischievous smile and a curly tail., a A gentle elephant with big ears and a long trunk., and a A fluffy white rabbit with twitching pink nose and ears.

One day, a big fire started in the forest!

The forest was filled with smoke and flames

The animals were scared and didn't know what to do.

The animals huddled together, worried for their homes

But then, a brave and wise owl came to the rescue.

A wise A wise owl with big round eyes, wearing glasses. wearing glasses and a graduation cap

The owl led the other animals to a safe place.

The animals followed the A wise owl with big round eyes, wearing glasses. through a secret tunnel

They found a beautiful meadow where they could hide.

A sunny meadow with green grass and colorful flowers

As they waited, the animals helped each other.

The animals worked together to stay safe and calm

Finally, the fire was put out and the forest was safe.

The animals celebrated with a big feast and dance

From that day on, the animals knew they were stronger together.

The animals formed a strong bond and friendships

Reflection Questions

  • How did the animals feel when the fire started?
  • Who led the animals to a safe place?
  • What did the animals do while waiting in the meadow?

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