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Alphabet Adventures with Annie the Monkey

Annie the monkey loved reading books. She sat down with her favorite book, which had a different adventure for each letter of the alphabet.

Annie reading a book with a big smile

A is for Apple. Annie found an apple tree and enjoyed a juicy apple.

Annie holding a bright red apple

B is for Balloon. Annie saw a bunch of balloons and happily floated away with them.

Annie holding onto many colorful balloons

C is for Castle. Annie discovered a magical castle and explored its beautiful rooms.

Annie standing outside a grand castle

D is for Dolphin. Annie swam with a friendly dolphin and watched it jump out of the water.

Annie swimming with a dolphin in the deep blue sea

E is for Elephant. Annie found a big elephant and gave it a big hug.

Annie hugging a huge elephant

F is for Fairy. Annie met a tiny fairy and together they sprinkled magic dust in the forest.

Annie and a small fairy spreading sparkly dust

G is for Garden. Annie explored a beautiful garden filled with colorful flowers and butterflies.

Annie surrounded by blooming flowers and butterflies

H is for Hot Air Balloon. Annie hopped into a hot air balloon and soared high in the sky.

Annie waving from a hot air balloon above the clouds

I is for Ice Cream. Annie savored a scoop of delicious ice cream on a sunny day.

Annie licking an ice cream cone with a big smile

J is for Jungle. Annie swung from tree to tree in a wild and exciting jungle.

Annie hanging from a tree branch in a jungle

K is for Kangaroo. Annie hopped alongside a friendly kangaroo in the Australian outback.

Annie jumping next to a kangaroo in the desert

L is for Lollipop. Annie enjoyed a sweet lollipop and shared one with her new friend.

Annie and her friend happily eating lollipops

M is for Moon. Annie gazed at the beautiful moon and made a wish upon a star.

Annie looking up at a bright full moon

N is for Nest. Annie found a cozy nest with tiny eggs and watched as baby birds hatched.

Annie peeping into a bird's nest filled with eggs

O is for Ocean. Annie splashed in the waves and met a playful group of dolphins.

Annie playing in the ocean with dolphins

P is for Pirate. Annie joined a pirate crew and searched for buried treasure on a desert island.

Annie wearing a pirate hat and holding a treasure map

Q is for Queen. Annie wore a fancy crown and sat on a throne like a beautiful queen.

Annie wearing a crown and sitting on a queen's throne

R is for Rainbow. Annie marveled at a colorful rainbow after a refreshing rain shower.

Annie pointing at a bright rainbow stretching across the sky

S is for Space. Annie soared among the stars and discovered the wonders of outer space.

Annie floating in a spacesuit while planets and stars surround her

T is for Treehouse. Annie climbed up a tall tree and built a cozy treehouse.

Annie in a treehouse with a ladder and a window

U is for Unicorn. Annie met a unicorn and together they galloped through a magical meadow.

Annie riding a unicorn in a field of flowers

V is for Volcano. Annie visited a volcanic island and watched as lava spewed from the volcano.

Annie with a volcano erupting behind her

W is for Waterfall. Annie stood under a majestic waterfall and felt its cool mist.

Annie standing under a waterfall with water splashing around her

X is for X-ray. Annie had an X-ray at the hospital to make sure she was healthy and strong.

Annie getting her hand X-rayed by a doctor

Y is for Yoga. Annie stretched and did yoga poses in a peaceful garden.

Annie doing yoga with flowers and butterflies around her

Z is for Zoo. Annie visited a zoo and saw lots of amazing animals from around the world.

Annie with various zoo animals in the background

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