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Amanda and the Unicorn Queen's Choice

Once upon a time, in a lush green meadow, Amanda spotted something sparkling near the woods.

Amanda sees a sparkle in the meadow near the woods.

As she got closer, she saw a group of unicorns, their manes glittering under the sun.

Approaching unicorns, their manes are glittering.

The largest unicorn, with a golden horn, stepped forward. 'I am the Unicorn Queen,' she said.

Meeting the Unicorn Queen with a golden horn.

Amanda was amazed. She had heard stories about the unicorns but never believed they were real.

Amanda's amazement at the real unicorns.

'We need your help, Amanda,' said the queen. 'A decision must be made about our forest's future.'

Unicorn Queen requests Amanda's help with a decision.

The forest was divided by a stream which had dried up, and the animals on either side were quarreling.

The forest's problem is a dried-up stream causing discord.

'We can use magic to fix the stream,' said the Queen, 'but it will drain our powers for a year.'

Unicorn Queen explains magic can fix the stream but at a cost.

'Without our magic, we cannot protect the forest from dangers,' the Queen looked worried.

Queen is worried about the consequences of using magic.

Amanda thought hard. 'There might be another way to bring water to the stream,' she suggested.

Amanda proposing an alternate solution.

With the unicorns' help, Amanda started building a new path for the water using stones and logs.

Amanda begins building a new stream path.

After days of hard work, a trickle of water started flowing. The forest animals cheered in joy!

Water trickles in the new path, animals are happy.

The Queen smiled at Amanda. 'Your wisdom has saved our forest and preserved our magic,' she said gratefully.

Unicorn Queen thanks Amanda for her wisdom.

Reflection Questions

  • When the Unicorn Queen discussed the consequences of using their magic, what do you think Amanda should have done? Why?

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