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An Enchanted Christmas in the Canadian Forest
It was finally the Christmas field trip, and the Daisey scouts were ready for an adventure. Mrs. Larson, their teacher, helped coordinate a Christmas field trip to a tiny village in western Canada to study a rare grove of Christmas trees. Brianna's uncle Ojichan was the one who invited them up there and had lived there since fleeing Japan during the big War. ついにクリスマス休暇になり、デイジーのスカウトたちは冒険の準備を整えました。彼らの教師であるラーソン夫人は、珍しいクリスマスツリーを研究するためにカナダ西部の小さな村への旅行を計画しました。そこにはブリアナの叔父のおじちゃんが住んでいた。
picture a cozy cabin and barn in the enchanted forest in the middle of snowing
The girls arrived in the Enchanted Forest and were in awe. They discovered many unknown animals, unafraid of humans. On a snowy hike, they encountered a majestic 12-antlered deer. They were scared, but Brianna spoke to it in Japanese. The deer responded! It's name was Heiwa naŌ. They couldn't believe a deer could understand and speak Japanese. 魔法の森に到着した少女たちは畏敬の念を抱きました。彼らは人間を恐れず、多くの未知の動物を発見しました。雪の中のハイキング中に、彼らは12本の角を持つ雄大な鹿に遭遇しました。彼らは怖がっていましたが、ブリアナは日本語で話しかけました。鹿が反応してくれました!その名は平和naOh。彼らは鹿が日本語を理解して話すことができるとは信じられませんでした。
a grand, large majestic spotted reindeer in the canadian forest during snow
The girls learned that Heiwa naŌ was raised by Brianna's uncle and understood Japanese. He shared his story of how Uncle Ojichan had saved his life when he was a little reindeer. They formed an unlikely friendship and spent unforgettable days in the Enchanted Forest. 少女たちは、平和菜王がブリアナの叔父に育てられ、日本語を理解していることを知りました。彼は、自分がまだトナカイだったころ、おじちゃんおじさんがどのように命を救ってくれたかという話をしてくれました。彼らは思いがけない友情を築き、魔法の森で忘れられない日々を過ごしました。
Revealing the special bond between Majestic 12-antlered deer, wise eyes, light brown fur, Adventurous girl with dark eyes, tan skin, and the rest of the group
Brianna and her friends returned home, cherishing their unique Christmas vacation experiences. They couldn't wait to share the story of their magical forest adventure with their classmates and tell Grandma about meeting Heiwa naŌ. ブリアナと友人たちは、クリスマス休暇でのユニークな経験を大切にしながら帰国しました。彼らは、魔法の森の冒険の話をクラスメートと共有し、おばあちゃんに平和 naO との出会いについて話すのが待ちきれませんでした。
Conclusion of the story, the girls' reflection on their incredible journey

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Brianna felt when she realized the deer could speak Japanese?
  • What would you have said to Heiwa naŌ if you were in the Enchanted Forest?
  • Why do you think the deer chose to speak to Brianna and her friends?

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