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Ana's Slippery Slide Adventure

Ana hugged her teddy bear, excited for the sunny park day. Green grass and laughter welcomed her.

Ana's anticipation at the park with her teddy bear.

She saw the big, yellow slide. It towered like a sunflower. She gulped, feeling small.

Ana's first impression of the large yellow slide.

Her friend Ben waved from the top. 'It's fun!' he shouted. Ana's feet moved slowly.

Ben encourages Ana from atop the slide.

The steps were hot from the sun. Ana climbed, each step higher than the last.

Ana starts climbing the steps, overcoming her hesitation.

She reached the top and saw the park. It looked different, bigger, and exciting.

Ana's view from the top, seeing the park differently.

Ben slid down whooshing! 'Your turn!' he called. But Ana's tummy had butterflies.

Ana watches Ben slide down and feels nervous.

She sat down, the slide cool and slippery. She held her teddy tight, closed her eyes.

Ana prepares to slide, seeking comfort in her teddy bear.

One, two, three, go! She pushed off. The wind whooshed by, her hair flying.

Ana takes the plunge, beginning the slide down.

Faster, faster, then a gentle bump! Ana landed on the ground with a soft thud.

Ana experiences the rush and finally lands safely.

She stood up, her heart racing. 'I did it!' she exclaimed, eyes shining bright.

Ana's triumphant realization that she's conquered the slide.

Ben ran over, high-fived Ana. 'See, it was awesome!' he said, both beaming.

Ben congratulates Ana, recognizing her achievement.

Ana, joyous and brave, looked up at the slide. 'Let's go again!' she cheered.

Ana, now excited and confident, is ready to slide again.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Ana felt when she first saw the slide and why?
  • What helped Ana gain the courage to go down the slide?
  • How do you think Ben felt when Ana wanted to slide again? Explain.

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