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Anne's Adventure in Avonlea

It was a crisp autumn morning in Avonlea, and the leaves were a riot of colors—reds, oranges, and yellows.

Pretend to pick up different colored leaves from the ground.

Avonlea, autumn, colorful leaves.

Anne Shirley, with her fiery red hair and twinkling gray eyes, was brimming with excitement.

Wave your arms enthusiastically like Anne when she is excited.

Fiery red hair, gray eyes, red hair, gray eyes.

Today was her first day at the Avonlea School after a long summer break. She wanted to make it memorable.

Pretend you are walking to school with a big, excited smile.

Anne, first day, school.

Marilla Cuthbert had packed her lunch, full of homemade delights—an apple pie slice and a thick sandwich.

Act like you're taste-testing a slice of apple pie.

Marilla, lunch, homemade food.

As Anne walked, she met Diana Barry, her best friend, who had a wide welcoming smile.

Wave to a friend like you're meeting them after a long break.

Dark hair, warm smile, best friend, warm smile.

The schoolyard buzzed with students, and Anne felt a rush of joy as she entered the building.

Imagine opening the door to a new place and feeling very happy.

Schoolyard, students, Anne joy.

Mr. Phillips, their teacher, greeted the class with a smile before diving into a geography lesson.

Pretend to point to different places on an invisible map.

Teacher, kind, knowledgeable, teacher, geography.

Anne eagerly raised her hand to answer questions, her curiosity always getting the better of her.

Raise your hand like you have an important question to ask.

Anne, curiosity, answering questions.

Lunchtime came, and Anne and Diana found a cozy spot under a large oak tree to enjoy their meal.

Pretend to sit under a tree and chat with a friend while eating lunch.

Anne and Diana, lunchtime, oak tree.

Anne shared grand stories of her summer adventures, making Diana laugh heartily.

Share a funny story with an imaginary friend to make them laugh.

Summer stories, laughter, best friends.

As the day ended, the sky painted shades of pink and purple, Anne felt content with her first day.

Look up at an imaginary beautiful sunset and take a deep breath.

Sunset sky, shades of pink and purple, content.

Walking home, Anne promised herself that tomorrow would be even more adventurous and full of new experiences.

Pretend to make a promise to yourself by crossing your fingers or making a serious face.

Anne, walking home, adventurous promise.

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