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Anne of the Green Gables: The Beginning

Under the lush boughs of Avonlea, a mix-up of momentous measure had occurred at Green Gables. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, siblings in their autumn years, waited at the station for an orphan boy but found a spirited girl with fiery red hair and boundless imagination.

nne Shirley, an 11-year-old girl with a spirited expression and a cascade of fiery red braids. She wears an old-fashioned, faded dress that is slightly too short for her tall, slender frame, reflecting her modest upbringing. Anne’s bright, expressive eyes and freckled face give her an endearing, youthful appearance.

The girl, Anne Shirley, chattered ceaselessly beneath a wide-brimmed hat. With a heart full of hope, she painted her dreams in words to Matthew, who could not help but smile at her exuberance.

Anne Shirley, an 11-year-old girl with red braids, standing excitedly at the doorstep of Green Gables, a quaint farmhouse with green roof, surrounded by lush greenery and blooming cherry trees

Upon reaching Green Gables, Anne skipped ahead, her eyes gleaming at the sight of blooming flowers that adorned the path. 'This must be the most beautiful place on earth!' she exclaimed.

Anne, 11-year-old girl with red braids, wearing a simple Victorian dress, talking animatedly in the rustic kitchen of Green Gables, which is warmly lit by sunlight streaming through a window

Marilla, a woman of practicality, frowned at the predicament. Still, Anne's pleasantries were a melody to which her feet unconsciously tapped. The sternness softened just a touch.

Anne, red hair 18 years old girl, wearing a simple Victorian dres, walking along the White Way of Delight, admiring the rows of blooming apple trees with a man beside her

As Anne spoke of her past, a quilt of tragedy and whimsy unfurled. She had endured much but found solace in the stories she wove from the world around her.

A stern, middle-aged woman working kitchen. with sharp eyes and tightly pulled-back gray hair. Marilla wears practical, no-nonsense attire, typically a dark dress with a white apron, embodying her disciplined and pragmatic character.

The house echoed with laughter for the first time in years, as Anne recounted tales and dreams to the Cuthberts, who listened, transfixed by her colorful spirit.

A gentle, elderly man with a soft expression, wearing simple farmer's clothes and a wide-brimmed hat. His kind eyes and shy smile are framed by a graying beard, reflecting his quiet and thoughtful demeanor.

Decision weighed heavily in the night, Marilla and Matthew locked in quiet discussion about Anne's future. Her vivid presence already a contrast to their ordered life.

Anne, 11-year-old girl with red braids, and Diana Barry,  luxurious black hair and a sweet face. both wearing period-appropriate school dresses, holding hands under a large, blooming apple tree in spring, sharing a secretive conversation with joyful expressions.

Anne lay in her bed, staring at the ceiling, daring to let her dream of staying take root. The moonlight sketched hopeful patterns on her small face.

A picturesque pond surrounded by wildflowers and thick woods, often visited by Anne and Diana for their secret tea parties. The pond's surface gleams under the moonlight, creating a magical atmosphere.

Morning brought with it Marilla's verdict. Anne braced for sorrow, but the words offered a twist to her fate, 'Anne, we have decided you shall stay at Green Gables.'

Anne,  11-year-old girl with red braids, at the Christmas concert, wearing a new dress, confidently participating in the dance

Joy enveloped Anne, her heart soaring. Through the windows, Green Gables bathed in sunlight as though celebrating the new addition to its world.

Anne, 11-year-old girl, with green long hair, look shocking in the bathroom

With chores aplenty, Anne took to her tasks with a dancer's grace. Every cow milked and every egg collected was a treasure found in her lively adventure.

Anne,  11-year-old girl with red braids, conflict with Gilbert Blythe, a black hair boy at school, both of them look angry

Under the purple canopy of twilight, the siblings watched Anne, her silhouette brimming with vitality. Their lives, once monochrome, now splashed with the hues of her imagination.

Anne with red hair, in a college library, surrounded by books, wearing a scholarly outfit, writing intently at a desk, her face illuminated by the soft light of a desk lamp, conveying a sense of accomplishment and anticipation for the future

Reflection Questions

  • How might Anne feel being in a completely new place like Green Gables? Can you relate?
  • What does Marilla's changing attitude towards Anne teach us about giving people a chance?
  • In what ways do you think Anne's presence will alter the Cuthberts' lives, and how can embracing change be beneficial?

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