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Antonio's Daily Adventures

Antonio Iliescu wakes up early every day. He brushes his teeth and gets ready for school.

Morning routine of Antonio in his room, preparing for the day.

Antonio loves his home in Ohio. His friends and family are very important to him.

Antonio thinking about his loved ones while at home, feeling happy.

At school, Antonio enjoys learning new things. His favorite subject is science.

Antonio at school, paying attention in science class with a smile.

One day, Antonio's class learned about China. They saw pictures and heard interesting stories.

Classroom setting with a lesson about China, students looking at a map.

Antonio wondered about the people in China. He wanted to learn more about their daily lives.

Antonio thinking deeply about China, showing curiosity.

His teacher, Mrs. Brown, told the class they could do a project on China.

blonde hair, green eyes, kind face talking to the class about the upcoming project.

Antonio decided to work with his friend, Sarah. They planned to research interesting facts.

Antonio and black hair, brown eyes, friendly look discussing their project plans happily.

They found pictures of beautiful places in China. They learned about the Great Wall and pandas.

Library setting, Antonio and black hair, brown eyes, friendly look looking through books with pictures of China.

While researching, Antonio and Sarah also learned about the important inventions from China.

Antonio and black hair, brown eyes, friendly look finding information in books, looking excited.

Antonio loved discovering new things. He thought about what it would be like to visit China one day.

Antonio daydreaming about visiting China, feeling inspired.

Back at home, Antonio shared what he learned with his family. They were very proud of him.

Antonio at the dinner table, sharing his learnings with his family.

That night, Antonio dreamed of traveling far and wide, learning new things every day.

Antonio sleeping peacefully, dreaming of adventures and new learnings.

Reflection Questions

  • Why do you think Antonio was so curious about China?
  • How did working with Sarah help Antonio in his project?
  • What do you think Antonio's family felt when he shared his learnings?

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