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Antonio Iliescu and the Black-and-White Tale

Antonio Iliescu held a black umbrella. The sky was gray and rainy.

Antonio with umbrella, standing outside in rainy weather.

Antonio loved his umbrella. It was big enough to keep him dry.

Antonio appreciating his umbrella while it rains.

One day, Antonio walked down a black-and-white street. Everything looked dull.

Antonio walking on a monochrome street, feeling the dullness.

Even the flowers were black and white. Antonio felt sad.

Black-and-white flowers making Antonio feel sad.

Antonio thought of colors. He missed the bright blues, reds, and yellows.

Antonio remembering and longing for bright colors.

Suddenly, he saw a small color. It was tiny but real!

Antonio spotting a small colorful object on the ground.

It was a colorful butterfly! Antonio smiled and followed it.

Colorful butterfly catching Antonio's attention.

The butterfly led Antonio to a hidden garden. It was full of colors!

Butterfly leading Antonio to a colorful garden.

Antonio was happy. He took off his umbrella and enjoyed the colors.

Antonio delighted, experiencing the colorful garden.

He played with the flowers and watched the butterflies dance.

Antonio playing and enjoying the colorful scenery.

Antonio felt lucky to find the hidden garden. The world seemed bright again.

Antonio feeling grateful for the discovery.

He knew that happiness could be found even on rainy days.

Antonio realizing the importance of finding joy in small things.

Reflection Questions

  • Why did Antonio feel sad when he saw the black-and-white flowers?
  • How did the small colorful butterfly change Antonio's day?
  • What do you think Antonio learned from his experience in the hidden garden?

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