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Antventures: The Tiny Architects

Welcome to the tiny world of ants. Let's go underground!

Introduction page with a cross-section of an anthill.

Ants have a special job. They build all day long.

Ants carrying grains of soil.

They work together. Teamwork is their secret.

Ants collaborating to move a leaf.

Each ant has a home. The queen is the most important.

The queen ant in a special chamber.

Tiny eggs hatch into ants. New friends join the work!

Eggs and baby ants in a nursery chamber.

Ants like to stay clean. They clean each other.

Ants grooming one another.

They go outside. They find food for the family.

Ants foraging for food outdoors.

Look! An ant carries a crumb. It's bigger than her head!

Ant carrying a large crumb.

Danger comes. An ant alerts others with a smell.

Ant releasing a pheromone to signal danger.

The ants hide until it's safe. Safety is important.

Ants hiding from a bird in the grass.

When night falls, ants rest in their cozy home.

Ants sleeping in their chambers.

Dreaming of tomorrow, they will build again.

Closing page with sleeping ants and dreaming bubbles.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think the ants feel when they work together?
  • Why is it important for ants to keep their home clean?
  • What can we learn from ants about sharing and helping?

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