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Artie and Potato's Big City Adventure

In a bustling city, rat named Artie adored creating art.

City bustling with busy streets and a rat named Artie

Her family wanted her to scavenge, but Artie dreamed of sharing her art.

Artie's family urging her to scavenge, while she dreams of art

Artie discovered a pothole leading to the busy streets of New York City.

Artie discovers a pothole leading to busy New York City streets

She reunited with her sister, Potato, who loved cooking and baking.

Artie reunites with her sister, Potato, who loves cooking and baking

Together, they embarked on an adventure in the big city, full of excitement.

Artie and Potato embark on a big city adventure, full of surprises

During their exploration, they stumbled upon a protest.

Artie and Potato stumble upon a protest during their exploration

Inspired, they joined in, advocating for 'Rat Rights' with big, bold signs.

Artie and Potato inspired, holding big 'Rat Rights' signs at the protest

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