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Ashni's First Day of School

Ashni woke up feeling excited and nervous. Today was her first day of school! She quickly put on her favorite pink underwear and ran downstairs for breakfast.

Ashni standing in her room, holding pink underwear

As Ashni sat at the breakfast table, she felt a little worried. What if she had an accident at school? She had just learned how to use the potty and was still getting used to it.

Ashni looking worried at the breakfast table

Mom reassured Ashni that accidents happen sometimes, but that she would be okay. She reminded Ashni to listen to her body and use the potty when she needed to.

Mom hugging Ashni and pointing towards the potty

When they arrived at school, Ashni saw many other kids wearing colorful clothes. Some wore dresses, some wore jeans, and some wore superhero costumes. But Ashni was the only one in her underwear.

Ashni looking at other girls in colorful clothes

Ashni felt embarrassed and shy, but she tried to be brave. Her teacher, Miss Lily, welcomed her with a warm smile. She didn't say anything about Ashni's underwear.

Miss Lily welcoming Ashni with a smile

During circle time, Ashni listened to her classmates' names and favorite things. She shared that her favorite color was pink and that she loved dancing. The other kids clapped and smiled.

Ashni sitting in a circle, smiling and telling her favorite things

When it was time for recess, Ashni worried about playing outside without pants. But then she saw other kids wearing shorts and skirts, and she felt better. She realized it was okay to be different.

Ashni playing with other girls outside

As the day went on, Ashni started feeling more confident. She enjoyed singing songs, painting, and making new friends. She even forgot about her underwear.

Ashni smiling and painting with friends

At the end of the day, Ashni's mom picked her up from school. Ashni was happy to see her but sad that her first day was over. She told her mom all about her day, including wearing her underwear.

Ashni hugging her mom and talking about her day

From that day on, Ashni looked forward to going to school. She knew that accidents could happen, but she also knew that she could handle them. And most importantly, she had learned that being herself was the best thing she could be.

Ashni smiling and holding a backpack, ready for school

Reflection Questions

  • How did Ashni feel on her first day of school?
  • Who reassured Ashni that she would be okay at school?
  • What did Ashni learn at school?

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