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Ava's Birthday Adventure with Brutus

Ava woke up on her 7th birthday.

A girl in pink pajamas waking up

She opened her presents and was so excited.

A girl with a big smile surrounded by colorful presents

Ava's parents surprised her with a new puppy.

A small, fluffy puppy with a big bow

Ava named the puppy Brutus.

A girl holding a puppy with a name tag

Brutus became Ava's best friend.

A girl and a puppy playing together

One day, Brutus escaped from the backyard.

A puppy running away from a fence

Ava was worried and searched everywhere.

A girl looking sad while searching for her puppy

She asked her friends for help and they joined her.

Girls and boys holding hands, ready to help

Together, they found Brutus near the park.

A girl hugging her puppy, all happy

Ava realized the importance of friendship.

A girl smiling and surrounded by friends and A chubby English bulldog with a red collar

Reflection Questions

  • How did Ava feel when she found her puppy?
  • What did Ava learn about friendship?
  • Why was Brutus an important part of Ava's birthday?

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