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Baby Francesco and the Black Persian Cat Luka

Once upon a time, there was a baby named Francesco.

A happy baby with curly hair and big round eyes. in a colorful room

Francesco loved to play with his toys and explore.

Francesco playing with toys in a bright room

One day, a beautiful black Persian cat named Luka visited.

Luka the black Persian cat with bright green eyes

Francesco and Luka became best friends and played together every day.

Francesco and Luka playing with a ball in the park

They ran, jumped, and laughed together.

Francesco and Luka having fun in a sunny field

Luka liked to curl up next to Francesco and purr.

Luka cuddling with Francesco, both smiling

Francesco loved brushing Luka's soft fur.

Francesco brushing Luka's fluffy black fur

They were the best friends in the whole world.

Francesco and Luka hugging, surrounded by colorful flowers

Reflection Questions

  • What did Baby Francesco love to do?
  • Who became Baby Francesco's best friend?
  • What did Baby Francesco enjoy doing for Luka?

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