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Baran's Big Tech Adventure

Baran Teksöz, a tech-loving teen, tinkered with computers and code. His dream: make world-changing discoveries!

In Curly-haired, bright-eyed, and brimming with big dreams of tech's bright bedroom, posters of robots and rockets cover the walls.

Bouncing with excitement, Baran brainstormed new ideas. He clicked and clacked on his keyboard late into the night.

In the cozy room, his pet cat, Cookie, snoozed on the fluffy rug.

One day, Baran's dad, Murat, a savvy software superstar, shared news of a cool project in a faraway land.

The family chatted in the kitchen, where colorful magnets clung to the fridge.

Baran's eyes sparkled with wonder. Could he help out and hop on this high-tech trip with his talented dad?

Outside, the sun shone over the bustling city, filled with people and possibilities.

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