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Bath Time Adventures

Once upon a time, in a cozy little house, there lived a little girl named Lily. It was time for her favorite part of the day - bath time! Lily loved playing in the water and making funny shapes with the bubbles.

Lily in the bathtub playing with bubbles and toys

As Lily hopped into the tub, she imagined she was sailing on a pirate ship. The water transformed into a vast ocean, and Lily was the fearless captain of her bath time adventure.

Lily pretending to be a pirate captain on the high seas

With her rubber duck as her trusty first mate, Lily set sail in search of hidden treasure. She splashed and laughed as the waves splashed against her imaginary ship.

Lily splashing and laughing with her rubber duck

Suddenly, a gigantic sea monster appeared! It was made of towels, with googly eyes and a big, toothy grin. Lily squealed with delight and used her bubble sword to defeat the friendly monster.

Lily battling the friendly sea monster made of towels

After her thrilling battle, Lily turned her attention to the mermaids swimming in the bathtub. She joined them and swam through the foamy waves, pretending to have a mermaid tail of her own.

Lily swimming with mermaids in the bathtub

As the sun began to set on Lily's bath time adventure, she transformed back into a little girl and washed away all the bubbles. She rinsed her hair, giggling at the tickling sensation of the water running down her back.

Lily rinsing her hair with water running down her back

With the adventure over, Lily wrapped herself in a cozy towel and gave her rubber duck a well-deserved hug. She smiled, knowing that tomorrow would bring new bath time adventures to explore.

Lily wrapped in a towel, hugging her rubber duck

Reflection Questions

  • What is Lily's favorite part of the day?
  • What did Lily use to defeat the sea monster?
  • What does Lily imagine she has when swimming with the mermaids?

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