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Batman vs Joker

Batman and Joker are arch enemies.

Batman and Joker face off in a dark alley

Joker wants to cause chaos and mischief.

Joker laughing with his signature green hair

Batman wants to protect Gotham City.

Batman looking strong and determined

Joker plans to rob a bank.

Joker holding a bag of money, smiling wickedly

Batman discovers Joker's plan.

Batman using his high-tech gadgets to investigate

Batman confronts Joker at the bank.

Batman and Joker standing face to face

They engage in an epic battle.

Batman and Joker fighting with powerful punches

Batman defeats Joker and saves the day.

Batman standing triumphantly over a defeated Joker

Gotham City is safe once again.

Batman watching over Gotham City, smiling

Batman and Joker will always be enemies.

Batman and Joker glaring at each other

Reflection Questions

  • How does Batman protect Gotham City?
  • Why does Joker want to cause chaos?
  • Who wins the battle between Batman and Joker?

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