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Baxter and the Science Surprise

Once upon a time, there was a border collie named Baxter.

Baxter, a black and white border collie

Baxter was a very clever dog who loved to learn new things.

Baxter wearing glasses while reading a book

He often watched his owner, Maddie, working in her science lab.

Baxter peeking through a door into a lab

One day, Baxter got an idea. He wanted to be a scientist too!

Baxter with a thought bubble of him as a scientist

At night, when everyone was asleep, Baxter sneaked into Maddie's lab.

Baxter tip-toeing with a flashlight and glasses

He found Maddie's messy notes and started fixing her mistakes.

Baxter using a pencil to erase and correct notes

Every night, Baxter worked quietly to help Maddie.

Baxter wearing a lab coat while working at a desk

One day, Maddie discovered her lab was always neat and perfect.

Maddie looking surprised at her tidy lab

She couldn't believe it! She decided to stay up and find out who was helping her.

Maddie hiding behind some boxes, peeking at Baxter

When Maddie saw it was Baxter, she smiled and kept his secret.

Maddie hugging Baxter with a finger over her lips

Reflection Questions

  • Why did Baxter want to be a scientist?
  • What did Baxter do every night in Maddie's lab?
  • How did Maddie react when she found out Baxter was helping her?

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