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Before the Storm

The sun shone brightly in the sky. Emily and her family played on the beach.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave and family at the beach enjoying the sunny weather.

But the wind started to blow. The sky turned dark. Emily's dad said, 'A cyclone is coming.'

Wind picking up, sky turning dark, Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave's dad warning about the cyclone.

Everyone hurried home. They boarded up windows and gathered supplies.

Family preparing for the cyclone by securing their home and gathering supplies.

The rain poured, and the wind howled. Emily clutched her favorite stuffed bear tightly.

Rain pouring, wind howling, Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave holding her stuffed bear for comfort.

The power went out. It was dark and scary. Emily's mom lit candles to make it cozy.

Power out, dark and scary, Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave's mom lighting candles for comfort.

Finally, the cyclone passed. They stepped outside and saw the sunny sky again.

Cyclone passing, family coming out to see the sunny sky.

The beach was a mess, but everyone was safe. They cleaned up together.

Beach messy after cyclone, family working together to clean up.

The community helped each other. They rebuilt what was damaged by the storm.

Community coming together to rebuild after the cyclone.

Emily felt proud to see everyone working together and making things better.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave feeling proud seeing the community working together to rebuild.

The beach was even more beautiful than before. They all celebrated with a picnic.

Beach looking more beautiful after the storm, family celebrating with a picnic.

There was laughter and joy. Emily knew that they were strong and could overcome anything.

Laughter, joy, and resilience. Blonde hair, blue eyes, curious and brave feeling strong and hopeful.

The End

End of the story.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Emily felt when the cyclone was about to hit? Why?
  • What do you think the community's actions after the cyclone say about them?
  • What would you do to help someone or a community after a natural disaster?

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