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Bella’s First Birthday Bash

Bella's house was abuzz with excitement today.

Bella's home on the morning of her birthday, excitement in the air.

Colorful balloons floated near the ceiling and pretty streamers draped the walls.

The decorated living room ready for a birthday party.

Mommy baked a cake with bright pink icing, and it smelled like sweet vanilla.

Bella's mom in the kitchen, the aroma of a fresh cake lingering.

Daddy hung a banner that read 'Happy 1st Birthday Bella!' with glittery letters.

Bella's dad setting up a banner, sparkles catching the light.

Soon, the doorbell rang. It was Max, wearing a party hat and a big smile.

Max arrives at the party first, cheerful and ready to celebrate.

Next came Lily with her mom. Lily clutched a gift wrapped in shiny paper.

Lily appears with a present, anticipation visible on her face.

They played games together, laughing as they passed a ball back and forth.

The children are playing games, joyfully interacting with one another.

Everyone sat down for storytime, listening closely to the tale of a brave bunny.

Gathered for a story, children focused on an adventure story.

After the story, they all enjoyed the delicious cake, with Bella getting the first piece.

The group indulging in cake, Bella delighted with the first bite.

Then it was time for gifts. Bella carefully opened each one, her eyes widening with surprise.

Present-opening time, Bella excited by each new discovery.

Music started, and tiny feet began to dance. Even Bella swayed to the rhythm.

Music fills the air, initiating impromptu dance moves among the children.

As the party came to an end, Bella hugged her friends, feeling happy and loved.

The party winds down with displays of affection and contentment.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Max felt when he was the first to arrive at Bella’s party?
  • Why is it nice to bring a gift to a birthday party? How do you think it makes the birthday person feel?
  • What are some ways you can make others feel special on their birthday?

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