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Bella the Lamb's Big Adventure

Bella the lamb was feeling lost and blue, with a big 'Baaah!' she cried, 'Mom, where are you?' She hopped on her hooves through the green, grassy glade, as the sun sank low and the evening shade.

Fluffy white wool, friendly eyes, a tiny hopper is standing in a grassy field, looking around with a worried expression, as the sun sets in the background.

Along came a cow, with a 'Moo, moo, moo! I'll help you find your mom, don't feel so blue!' So off they trotted, through the tall, tickly grass, to search for her mom, the time was running fast.

Bella and the cow are walking through the tall grass, with a setting sun and twinkling fireflies in the distance.

They came to a river, with a 'Splash, splash, splash!' Bella felt scared, but the cow gave a dash. 'I'll lead the way, just follow me close, together we'll find her, that's what matters the most!'

Bella and the cow are crossing a river, with splashing water and moonlight reflecting on the ripples.

Finally, in the meadow, they heard a sweet sound, 'Baaah!' called her mom, as she came bounding around. Bella and her mom shared a big, loving snuggle, 'I'm glad you're safe,' her mom said with a loving snuggle.

Bella and her mom meet in a flowery meadow, with a painted sky in the background and twinkling stars overhead.

Reflection Questions

  • How do you think Bella felt when she couldn't find her mom?
  • What did the cow do to help Bella find her mom?
  • Why is it important to help others when they're feeling lost or scared?

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