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Ben's Fun Day with the Fox and Elk

Ben is a big fan of fun, odd bits. In the sun, he sits and bits his green gum. He has a bag of figs, too. He got them from a big fig tree. The figs are yum and fun to him. "Oh no," Ben gasps. A bus ran in his figs. "I had six figs. Now two are bad!" He nudged the bad figs in the bin. "Now I can sip and hum with the sun." Ben saw a fox, red and sly. The fox has a bug in its paw. "Oh, poor fox. I can fix it," Ben says. He went to the fox to pull the bug out. "Hop and run, fox. Fun is not done yet," Ben told the fox. After that, he saw a big tree. It has a den for an elk. Ben pats the elk. "Oh, you are big and hot. Do you wish for a dip in the mud?" The elk nods. So, he digs a pit and fills it with mud. The elk dips in it. "Ah, that is fun and cool!" Ben laughs and claps his hands. After the fun, the sun sunk low. Ben bids bye to the elk, the tree and the sun. Back at his hut, he sips his mug of hot gum tea. Today was a fun day indeed.

Ben, a young boy with green gum in his mouth, sitting in the sun under a big fig tree. He has a bag of figs and is surrounded by figs that he nudge into a bin. A red fox with a bug in its paw stands nearby, while a big tree with a den for an elk can be seen in the background. Ben is seen patting the elk and digging a mud pit for it. The sun is setting, and Ben is back in his hut, sipping hot gum tea.

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