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Ben's Green Food Challenge

Ben had a cat. The cat was Tim. Tim was not a big cat. Ben had a bet. The bet was odd. He had to eat green food for ten days. Tim did not get the bet. Why eat food that was not red, or tan, or hot? Day one, Ben had a big, fat frog. The frog was raw. Ben did not win the bet. Day two, Ben had six figs. The figs were a hit! Ben ate them all. Ben ran to a big oak on day three. He sat and ate a bag of peas. Tim sat too. Tim ate a fat rat. The next day, Ben bit into a wet hen. He did not dig it. Tim dug a pit. On day five, Ben ate ten kales. Well, he did try. Day six, Ben had a tub of okra. It was a lot. But Ben got it down. Day seven, he ate mint. Mint was not bad. Ben felt fine with the mint. Day eight, and Ben had a tub of lime jam. He had cut the jam on top of the ham. Day nine, more raw frog. Ben had to gag. Tim had a nap. Day ten, the last day! Ben had a mix. Peas, kale, figs - all in a big pan. Ben did win his bet. Ten days of green food! Tim did not get it. But Ben felt good. So Tim got a pat. "Cats may not eat green food, but men can," said Ben. "Frogs, figs, okra, lime, kale - I did it all!" Tim just purrs and Ben grins. He won his bet. And he had a fun tale to tell. The end.

Ben sitting under a big oak tree, eating a bag of peas while Tim, his small cat, eats a fat rat

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