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Benny and the Balloons: An Uplifting Friendship

Benny the bear loved big, bouncy balloons. Blue, red, yellow, too. He blew them up, big and round, under a sunny sky, not a single frown. "Pop!" went a blue one, "Oh no!" cried Benny. A squirrel giggled, "Want to share mine, plenty?" Together, they hopped, skipped around trees, with bright, bobbing balloons in the sweet, gentle breeze. They laughed until sunset, stars twinkling high, waving to their balloons, now flying, a colorful goodbye. Benny hugged his new friend, "What fun, let's meet soon!" And they promised, next time, they'd send a balloon to the moon.

Smiling bear, playful squirrel, colorful balloons, sunlit forest clearing, evening starry sky

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