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Benny and the Lost Phone

Once upon a time, Benny and his sister Ramona went to play in the park. They were having so much fun running around and chasing each other. Suddenly, Benny spotted something shiny on the ground. It was a phone! Benny picked it up and said, 'Wow, I found a phone! I'm going to keep it!'

Wrong! Go back to the very first illustration of Benny and ramona.

Ramona looked worried and said, 'Benny, someone may have lost that phone. We should try to find the owner.' But Benny thought it was finders keepers and didn't want to give it back.

Ramona is worried and tells Benny they should find the owner, but Benny wants to keep the phone.

Not knowing what to do, Benny and Ramona decided to ask their wise friend Boybee for advice. Boybee said, 'If you found something, it's always good to try and find the owner. Put up some signs saying you found a phone and ask if the person can describe it. Then they can come get it.'

 Boybee the wise pug! Use the characters I created!

Benny and Ramona followed Boybee's advice and made signs. They put them up all around the park. Soon enough, a person came running to them and said, 'That's my phone! Thank you so much for finding it!' The person was so happy that they brought Benny a big bag of delicious dog treats as a reward.

Please use this prompt!! Use the characters pictures of Benny and Ramona I created for this story

Benny learned an important lesson that day. Its wrong to just keep something you found that someone may have lost. Especially an item like an expensive phone. He realized that being a good dog and being responsible meant trying to find the person that lost the phone and return it to them.

Use the images created for this story! In cartoon style, Benny shares his dog treats with ramona

Reflection Questions

  • What would you have done if you found a lost phone? Why?

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