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Sam and Bibs: The Tale of the Little White Lies

It was a sunny, funny, bunny day in the whimsical town of Whimsyville. Sam, a swift squirrel, and Bibs, a bouncy bunny, were the best of friends. They loved to scamper and hop together, sharing giggles and adventures.

a sunny, colorful town with whimsical houses, a squirrel wearing a scarf, and a bunny with a bow tie, both looking happy

One shiny day, Sam and Bibs found a glittery, golden gem while playing near the Great Giggling Tree. "Oh my whiskers, look at that!" exclaimed Bibs, eyes wide with wonder.

a tall, bright tree with a golden gem at its base, a squirrel and a bunny looking surprised and happy

Tick-tock, tick-tock, their hearts began to knock-knock! They decided to show the gem to Mayor Moo, the wise old cow who knew everything about everything in Whimsyville.

a playful, cartoonish cow with glasses and a mayoral sash, standing in front of a whimsical town hall

But on their way, a cheeky chipmunk named Chuckle came along. "Tell me, tell me, what is that sparkly thing?" he chirped, curiosity shining in his little eyes.

a mischievous chipmunk looking curiously at a gem held by a squirrel and a bunny

"We found it near the Great Giggling Tree," said Sam. But Bibs felt a flutter of fibs. "No, we found it under Moonbeam Mushroom," Bibs blurted.

a confused squirrel and bunny standing near a curious chipmunk

Chuckling chipmunk Chuckle trundled away. Sam turned to Bibs, twinkling with question marks. "Why did you say we found it at the Moonbeam Mushroom?" he asked.

a squirrel and bunny standing close, one looking concerned and the other looking guilty

Bibs bit his carrot, feeling a flutter of wrongness. "I don't know," he stuttered. "It just came out!" Sam tilted his head like a puzzled puppy.

a bunny nervously nibbling a carrot while a squirrel looks on curiously

As they continued on, Bibs felt a prickly pebble in his pawpocket. He thought about the little change in the story. The more he walked, the bigger the pebble felt.

a bunny walking while looking troubled, holding a tiny pebble, and a squirrel following next to him

When they reached Mayor Moo, Bibs couldn't take it anymore. With a big, bouncy breath, he burst out, "We found the gem at the Great Giggling Tree, not under Moonbeam Mushroom!"

a bunny blurting out words excitedly in front of a wise cow and a squirrel

Mayor Moo nodded wisely. "Telling the just-right truth makes your heart light as a feather, doesn't it Bibs?" Bibs felt a sunny glow inside as the prickly pebble disappeared.

a wise cow smiling kindly, a bunny looking relieved, and a happy squirrel

Sam gave Bibs a big squirrelly squeeze. "That was brave of you, Bibs!" Bibs' nose twitched with glee. Together, they handed the gem to Mayor Moo with a giggly glow.

a squirrel hugging a bunny, both looking very happy next to a wise smiling cow

From that day, Sam and Bibs promised to always share the real gleams and glows of their adventures. And Whimsyville was never without sparkle, as honesty lit the way.

a whimsical town with sparkling lights, a happy squirrel and bunny, and all their animal friends celebrating

Reflection Questions

  • Why did Bibs feel bad after telling a different story about where they found the gem?
  • How did Sam react when Bibs told the truth in the end?
  • What do you think the story is trying to teach about sharing the real gleams and glows of their adventures?

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