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Blip's Flight in the Candied Glen

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In a green glen, Blip the Pferd played. He had a dream to fliegen high, but just had legs to laufen. Near a cliff, ein Einhorn munched on Essen, a mix of magic mint and Süßigkeiten.
"Hello," said Blip. "Can I fliegen with your wings?"
"No wings, just sparkles," giggled the Einhorn. "But with Süßigkeiten, dreams might flip."
Blip grinned. "May I?"
"Of course!" With a chomp, Blip chewed a candy. Zap! A glow, a spin, then... Blip elevated!
Ich watched Blip lift with glee. Now, as friends, they swirl, they twirl, above the trees, where candy winds blend with playful spree.