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Bumble Bee's Honeyed Quest

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Once upon a buzz, Bumble Bee found a map. It hummed of honeyed secrets. On silent wings, Bee zipped through jiggly jellies and whirly winds, following dotted dashes. “Treasure!” buzzed Bee, spying an X. But a Grumble Bug guarded it. “No entry,” it growled. “But why?” Bee pleaded. “Grumble, grumble,” it muttered. Then, Bee had a wiggly, giggly idea. She tickled the bug until it giggled, “Grumble-giggle!” Together, they dug. And there, beneath the X-spot, a golden honeypot twinkled. “Share?” asked Bee, shyly. “Grumble-Yes!” cheered the bug. So, sweet treasure united newfound friends with a buzz and a giggle.